What is Kuk Sool Won?

Kuk Sool Won is the system that we study at AMAC. It is a comprehensive martial art system that is derived from the rich and varied martial art techniques developed in Korea over the ages. It is a complete martial art dedicated to the cultivation of mental and physical strength and overall well-being. For self-defense, Kuk Sool is unsurpassed! It combines kicking, punching, throwing, joint-locking, grappling, and a myriad of weapon techniques. In addition to physical training, meditation breathing and internal power exercises are performed that increase health and retard the aging process. Through the diligent practice of Kuk Sool one will improve circulation and digestion, reduce problems with the back and joints, lose weight, and gain the skills necessary for self-defense.

Photo of Master Sung Jin Suh, Grand Master In Hyuk Suh, AMAC's Chief Instructor Master Phil Sage, Master Barry Harmon From left to right: Master Sung Jin Suh, Grand Master In Hyuk Suh, AMAC's Chief Instructor Master Phil Sage, Master Barry Harmon

Kuk Sool Won was founded by In Hyuk Suh (the 'Kuk Sa Nim,' or Grandmaster) in 1958. The name 'Kuk Sool Won' translates to "National Martial Art Association" (often shortened to 'Kuk Sool') and it is currently taught worldwide. Founded as a martial arts system and not merely a martial arts style, Kuk Sool is not limited to any single discipline. It attempts to be a comprehensive study of all Korean martial arts. In Hyuk Suh's philosophy regarding his system is to "Integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established Asian martial arts, body conditioning techniques, mental developement, and weapons training."

As a traditional martial art, Kuk Sool traces many of its roots back to the ancient and prehistoric martial arts used thousands of years ago. The study of Kuk Sool also includes many modern day techniques such as gun defense and weapon improvisation. Kuk Sool has many facets and is performed for self-defense, healing, conditioning, competition, fun and aesthetic purposes.

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